WiFi Heatmap and Troubleshooting with Ekahau

Managing a small number of APs may be simple, but if your organization owns more than 5 APs, maintaining good WiFi service quality can be a challenge. One of the services we offer is helping our clients generate WiFi Heatmap using Ekahau Pro and Sidekick.

Obviously you can’t fix what you can’t see, having WiFi heatmap removes all the guess works as it enables us to precisely visualize RF data and help uncover any underlying WiFi issues, for example coverage holes and interferences.

All we need to get started is a scale floor plan, and our experienced certified WiFi professionals will take care of the rest.  

We collect and generate comprehensive report from over 10 data points on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz including:

    • AP Location
    • Primary and Secondary Coverage
    • Signal-to-Noise (SNR)
    • Noise
    • Channel Interference
    • Channel Width
    • Spectrum Utilization
    • Spectrum Channel Power
    • Data Rate (Active Survey Only)
    • Throughput (Active Survey Only)
    • Airtime Utilization (Active Survey Only)
    • Recommendations

    Success Story

    Below is a sample report extracted from an actual heatmap of a hotel lobby. 

    The hotel IT Manager reported sporadic WiFi issues in the reception area where he noticed some high-end WiFi devices were unable to connect. With Ekahau Heatmap, we were able to uncover the issue that the Lobby AP did not broadcast 5GHz band causing the 5GHz-only client devices unable to connect.

    Sample Ekahau Heatmap