LinkBroad HSIA

HSIA or High Speed Internet Access is a term generally used in the hospitality industry referring to guest Internet platform.  It enables hotels to manage guest Internet experience while conforming to the hotel’s usage policy. 

All HSIA platforms support captive portals, which manages guest redirections to Internet upon successful authentication.  The basic HSIA platforms support access code or prepaid card whereas high-end HSIA solutions are capable of interfacing with hotel’s Property Management System (PMS) to tailor specific guest entitlements based on their individual accounts.  Other authentication methods include email, SMS, and Social login, for example, with Facebook or WeChat.  

LinkBroad Technology: 

Today’s guest expectation of hotel’s Internet is as high as ever.  Guests expect secure, fast, and reliable Internet whereas hotel staffs need robust, customizable, and easy-to-manage system.  This is where LinkBroad’s cloud-managed HSIA solution shines.

At ONE Hospitality Solutions, we partner with LinkBroad Technology, a technology leader in the hospitality industry with over 3,600 hotel partners in Asia.

LinkBroad YunGW is a cloud-managed HSIA solution powered by all-in-one appliance that serves multiple functions including Internet gateway, firewall, and load balancer.  It supports HA configuration with two appliances ensuring over 99.99% uptime.


  • Built on next-generation cloud-based architecture
  • Centrally manage guest experience over the cloud
  • Fully customizable, multi-lingual branded portal page
  • Dedicated gateway appliance with built-in firewall and load-balancer with the top model supporting 10GB backbone and 100k concurrent devices.
  • High Availability (HA) setup yields 99.99% uptime
  • Portal page optimized for both laptops and mobile devices
  • Support major PMS’s such as Opera
  • Support flexible authentication methods including PMS, Access Code, and Social Sign In.
  • Intelligent bandwidth allocation for multiple ISP lines including guaranteed bandwidth for individual user, groups, or VLAN
  • Simplified management via Mobile Admin Console
  • Support Thai Cybercrime Act on data retention
HSIA LinkBroad