Ekahau Thailand Authorized Reseller

Ekahau Connect™

Ekahau Sidekick

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Ekahau Connect™ is a collection of professional Wi-Fi tools that enables you and your team to design, optimize, and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi networks faster and easier than before.

It allows seamless collaboration between IT personnel and the Wi-Fi expert, to ensure Wi-Fi is running smoothly across multiple projects. The suite includes Ekahau Sidekick, Pro, Survey, Analyzer, Capture, and Cloud, as well as on-demand training.

ONE Hospitality Solutions is an authorized Ekahau Thailand Reseller partner.  

We also offer Wi-Fi managed services with Ekahau.  Please contact us or call +668-1375-1280 for quotation.  

Ekahau Connect™

Ekahau Sidekick


Fast, Accurate measurement device for reliable survey data and finding and fixing active Wi-Fi interference issues

Ekahau Pro


Create accurate 3D Wi-Fi planner and heatmap with actionable outcomes to get you up and running in minutes

Ekahau Survey


Automatically track your survey path on iPhone or iPad then sync and collaborate in the cloud

Ekahau Analyzer


Full spectrum analyzer with easy to read pass/fail validation with your IOS and Android devices

Ekahau Capture


Easy-to-use packet capture tool for advanced troubleshooting and in-depth analysis

Ekahau Cloud


Enable seamless collaboration between onsite staffs and remote Wi-Fi experts