Ekahau Thailand WiFi Services

Ekahau Thailand WiFi Services

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WLAN Assessment

We provide an independent view of the customer’s existing WLAN. This unobtrusive service helps identify any underlying issues behind, for example, slow speed, sporadic roaming behavior, or poor connectivity. A detailed report with heatmap and recommendations will be provided at the end of the audit.

WLAN Optimization

Similar to WLAN Assessment, but we took a step further to implement configuration changes to optimize the WiFi network. This option requires admin access to internal network.

WLAN Troubleshooting

We offer an on-demand WLAN troubleshooting service.  We leverage spectrum analyzers to pinpoint root cause and address the issue accordingly.

WLAN Design and Simulation

We provide WiFi network design and capacity planning through simulation. All we require is a scaled floor plan and we can accurately simulate the actual coverage based on leading AP and antenna profiles. This is very useful for remote sites or if the site isn’t ready for survey. This reduces the survey costs and minimizes time onsite while offering over 90% results accuracy.  We also offer follow-up onsite surveys to validate results from the simulation survey.

AP on a Stick (APoaS) Validation Survey

APoaS is used to validate simulation designs by using the intended APs and mounted it on a tripod/mast and temporary position it to the exact height and orientation as per design. After setting the AP online, we use Ekahau and Sidekick to collect the signal then compared with the results of simulations. This allows us to confirm whether the simulation is accurate without having to walk the entire site.


We offer Heatmap service by conducting onsite surveys with Ekahau/Sidekick and generate heatmaps off the existing site, and calibrate reports that include RSSI, SNR, CCI, and other performance indicators to your specifications

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